Release on George Morel´s Label Groove on


OUT NOW on Groove On Records! MARK JACKUS featr. Golden Parazyth with Remixes from Marcus Sur&George Morel-support by Sascha Braemer/Animal Trainer/Hot Since 82 & more! This Track is dedicated to all my Friends & Dj´s i met in the last 20 Years! Play it loud&proud!

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Munky Munky on SPARK MUSIK


Mark Jackus debut on Steve Parker´s SPARK MUSIK! Pumpin Techno Track with crazy monkey snips inside

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New Release on SHIBIZA

shibiza Labelcopy

Mark Jackus&Massimo Santucci doin a Release on Theran Label SHIBIZA with Remixes by Chris Count (Intec) & Dio S & Themi Undergroove

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Happy New Year! Let´s have a bangin´2013!


Happy New Year to everybody! Let´s have a bangin´2013 and a year of happiness! I´ve a lot of new Tracks in the pipe-so watch out!

› Mark Jackus Beatport


MENDO charted FOREVER- Mark Jackus Rmx #6


Cardenza Crew artist MENDO charted my Remix for Nakadia! On this way-check out his latest single on Saved!

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Extra Ordinary vol.1
incl. Mark Jackus-INDIAN HELIX


19 super-bomb tracks of well-known artists like Andomat3000, Marc Miroir, Minicoolboyz, Sascha Sonido, Asem Shama & Mark Jackus, just to name a few, are building this beautiful composition of electronic dance music from house to techno. All this floor-filling sounds are also mixed by the label owner Polyphone for the Mix-Series CD.

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out now!


The most booked female tech house DJ of Asia NAKADIA with a huge dancefloor bomb! "Forever"- allready played & supported by Loco Dice & Technasia!

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CusCus Radio Sessions on

CusCus Music

We are happy to present you from the 27th of May our monthly CusCus Radio Sessions on The independent international online radio station is on a mission to bring positive and harmonic vibes to and amongst their listeners., based in Amsterdam, is all about electronic music in the genres techno, tech-house, minimal, deep and progressive house.

Mark Jackus will present in his monthly radio show international DJ´s and Guests as well as the latest releases from his homebased Label “CusCus Music” and will bring you the best of Techno and Housemusic every 4th Friday of the month from 8pm - 10pm. Tune in and find out!

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Mark Jackus Remix
CusCus Music

CusCus Music

Paris Haze COULD U LUV ME Mark Jackus Remix! Do not miss this release on CusCus Music with Remixes by Mathias Schaffhäuser, Mark Jackus & Elmar Strathe!

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STEVE PARKER hits Exit the void on no# 4 in his Beatport Charts

steveparker charts

Ovum & Sci-Tec Artist STEVE PARKER hits Exit the void on no# 4 in his Beatport March Charts! Currently best position no# 34 minimal genre charts!

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SHLOMI ABER charted exit the void on his february Charts

shlomi aber charts

Amazing! Shlomi Aber charted Exit the void! Thank you Shlomi!

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beatport exclusive!
Exit The Void


Exit The Void hits the Beatport minimal charts-currently no# 31! The Head of CusCus Music Mark Jackus meets Kloppenburg at the studio. The result you can hear in this deep minimal monster. Rounded up with an incredible techno remix by Artur Reimer from Berlin.

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Welcome to my new webpage


2012 is time to say HELLO-here´s my PLACE in the WWW! ENJOY!


Productions 2012


After a great 2011 with his first Solo Releases as Mark Jackus on Freitag ltd, or Remixes on RRYGULAR, GON and Insert Coin 2012 will be a year with a lot of more releases on Labels like CusCus Music, Kapelle, Beatfreak...


Date Club City
SA 02.02.2013 Gold Club Revival@Club Beathe ESSEN
So 31.03.2013 CusCus @Club Beathe ESSEN
So 31.04.2013 In May System / Tanz in den Mai @Le Grand DORTMUND
So 02.06.2013 tbc Berln
SA 15.06.2013 Wald open air Daytime /Cancelled Dortmund
SA 06.07.2013 Glückauf&Bye Bye@loFt ESSEN
SA 13.07.2013 Charlotte MÜNSTER
So 14.07.2013 Deep City live on Sweatlodge@Wilde Hilde Brilon
SA 20.07.2013 CusCus JuicyBeats pre-party@Le Grand DORTMUND
Mi 24.07.2013 Baldeneysee Smag Beach Club ESSEN
SA 27.07.2013 Juicy Beats Festival@CusCus Day&Night Floor (Blütengärten/BROMBEERE) DORTMUND
SA 16.08.2013 Eine Nacht in Berlin-open air floor M.I.K.Z
SA 31.08.2013 Silent Climate Parade Essen
SA 14.09.2013 Charlotte Münster
SA 19.10.2013 The Art Of Bielefeld
SA 04-10.11.2013 Berlin Music Days Berlin
SA 23.11.2013 My bday tbc
for bookings: zeidler(at)cuscus(dot)cc


"Music is my religion!"

"Music is my life and music is art, my religion!" Mark Jackus started beeing a DJ while he was 14. Born and raised in Dortmund – one of the most popular Towns for Graffitti in Europe – he was part of the big Hip Hop and Breakdance scene. Here he gets in touch with his first Acid House Vinyls like „Turn up the Bass“ ( Tyree Cooper), „Black out“ (Lil Louis) or „Let´s Go“ (Fast Eddie) and found his passion for House Music. Mark Jackus aka aMaZe became famous after his first gig´s in 1994, in the best Clubs in Germany like Unit Club, Planet, Baikonur, Phuture Club, Distellery, Butan, Studio and Playground. At this time he was 15 years old! Mark cancelled his career as Football Player in the highest german junior league at the age of seventeen and decide for a Life behind the desks. He realized that music is his life.

Already in the early beginnings of techno and house music 1988 he was inspired by the hall of fame of the DJ League – Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Jeff Mills, DJ Pierre and many others are a big part of it. His sound is a journey through all the different electronic styles. After a school practica in a Recordingstudio in 1999, it was a long way to his first record! 2003 he worked together with Massimo Santucci – a musician and producer. The first Release was ”Black Diva” on Trust your Tribes Rec. Many followed like “cause I miss” which climbed after two weeks up to No. 1 at Juno.UK. Their latest record releases in 2010 under Jackus & Santucci on Insert Coin Rec. get a lot of support from international DJs like Axwell, Richie Hawtin, Martin Eyerer, Satoshi Tomiie, Erick Morillo and many others. The first Mark Jackus Track The first Release in 2012 "Exit the Void" is supported by SHLOMI ABER - Beatport Charts february And in March in STEVE PARKER´s (ovum/sci-tec) March TOP TEN!

Now he is DJ for more than 20 years and he already played with an incredible list of national & international DJs. His absolute highlights had been playing with Jeff Mills all night long and the "back to back" set with M.A.N.D.Y/Phillip. On his Birthday´s he has allways an incredible list of Dj´s, like DJ Pierre from Chicago, Oliver Ho or Ida Engberg. His sound is a journey through all the different electronic styles, thats the art for him to DJ, very unique each night and allways the right sound in the right situation. Allways a pumpin jack sound to amaze the people on the dancefloor

Since 2007 a lot of his Tracks or under Jackus&Santucci get a lot of support from international DJs like Axwell, Richie Hawtin, Martin Eyerer, Satoshi Tomiie, Erick Morillo, Tom Hades and many others. Last one PHOENIX charted by Super Flu Beatport Charts

Since 2006 he presents his own club project called CusCus. He put his most relevant things in his life together, Music, Nature and animals and his commitment for Nature in this musicial and Event way is well known over Germany! It includes a cooperation with the WWF (worldwide wildlife foundation) and presents highlights of the electronic dance music. With this sustainable project he even took part at the Loveparade 2008 in his hometown Dortmund with an own float and received an award from the UNESCO in 2009. Since 2010 the Comic Superheros from HOTZE aka Bringman&Kopetkis are styling the CusCus Artwork! A CusCus Germany Tour end of 2010 around Germany was the Highlight for the Event Project with doP (live) / Aka Aka (live) from Berlin to Cologne and ends at the most oldest club in East Germany MUNA!

For 2011 he takes time for his 1st SOLO Release "Papua New Guinea" (out on freitag ltd. sept 2011) and a lot of new Productions and Remixes for Labels like GON, RRYGULAR, Insert Coin ... !
The first Release in 2012 "Exit the Void" is supported by SHLOMI ABER - Beatport Charts february

In 2012 CusCus Music was born and the first Releases getting support on Deep Space Radio by Still Going in NYC and some other Releases getting support from Loco Dice, Technasia and much more....

In 2013 Mark Jackus switched over to Berlin and did releases on CusCus Music with Gunnar Stiller Remix, on Steve Parker´s SPARK Musik and on Gorge Morel´s Groove On with Hello My friend (incl.George Morel Remix) a nd he worked on a lot more for 2014!

International top DJs like support:

Shlomi Aber
Steve Parker
Martin Eyerer
Satoshi Tomiie
Hernan Cattaneo
Gunnar Stiller
Mark Knight



CusCus // Gold Club // Favela // Phuture Club // Das Schwarze Gold // Playground/Cologne // Baikonur // Planet // Trigger Club // Unit Club, ...

Clubs he played

MUNA // Distellery // Goethebuker // Schönwetter // Sensor // K-TV // Charlotte // Drei.Punkt.Null // Bungalow // // Dockland // Tunnel // Tor 3 and in its legendary Blue Room // Fusion // Favela // Harpune // Rossi Bar // Royal Bambi // Hot Jazz Club // Kit Kat Klub Stockwerk // Le grand // Lighthouse21 // Planet // Jabben // Neue Welt // Versteck // Villa // // Zeche Bonifacius // Cadillac Bar NYC (USA) and more...


16 Jahre MUNA // Loveparade 2010/2008 @CusCus Truck // CusCus in Love 2008 // Audiopark // Glück auf! Rave on Pott 2008 // 1 Live Nacht in Münster // F.O.C.E.M (biggest event cave in europe) // Foderation X // Space Ibiza european Tour (dortmund) // Carnival der Kulturen // Essen original own House-Stage presented by Smag // Electric Culture // Techno Rulez // Acid Wars SCREAM // Vamps! and more...

Played with

Jeff Mills // DJ PIERRE // Sander Kleinenberg // Steve Lawler // Claude Young // Mike Dearborn // Daniel Bell // Timo Maas // Steve Bug // Technasia // Ida Engberg // Oliver Moldan // DJ Woody // Chab // M.A.N.D.Y. and many more. In Germany with almost every German Top act like Martin Eyerer // The Modernist // Loco Dice // Mijk van Dijk

Radio shows

Eins Live live @DasBoot
Session deluxe @-s-@die. Live



Mark Jackus featr. Golden Parazyth
»Hello my Friend« GROOVE ON

Massimo Santucci & Mark Jackus
»Leopard« SHIBIZA

Mark Jackus
»Pianorama« CusCus Music


»Forever (Mark Jackus Remix)« CusCus Music

Mark Jackus&Kloppenburg
»Exit the Void« Kapelle

Paris Haze
»Could U Luv me (Mark Jackus Remix)« CusCus Music

»Free« Mark Jackus Rmx For You

»Forever« Mark Jackus Rmx CusCus Music


Sergio Fernandez
»Kaboom« (Mark Jackus Remix) Insert Coin

»Glory« (Mark Jackus Remix) Rrygular

Mark Jackus
»Papua New Guinea« (incl.Tom Hades Rmx) freitag ltd.

Tambores Mestizo
»San Juan« Mark Jackus remix freitag ltd.

»Communicate with the bushman« (Mark Jackus remix) Kapelle

Jackus & Santucci
»Super Hang On« Insert Coin

»DEEP SOUL« (Mark Jackus Rmx) GON


Jackus & Santucci
»GONZO« TB Records (Tropical Beats)
»Phoenix EP« Insert Coin Rec.


Jackus & Santucci
»Bobby« Emotio y Ratio
»Kyrillia« Moovment Rec. 012


Sergio Fernandez
»Change the Tempo« (Maxrage & aMaZe Rmx) Baroque Rec.


Maxrage & aMaZe
»The Big M« Rococo/Baroque Rec.


Maxrage & aMaZe
»Cause I Miss« Distinto/Beat Freak Rec.
»Bandits« Progrez-Banshee/Bonzai


DJ aMaZe
»Black Diva EP« Trust your Tribe Rec.




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